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Conference on Unity of Muslim Ummah

Conference on Muslim Ummah Unity

Theme: Muslim Ummah Unity


Kingdom of Saudi Arabia


Makkah Al-Mukarramah


03/03/1427H corresponding to  (01/04/2006)


05/03/1427 H corresponding to  (03/04/2006)




  1. The Unity of Muslim Ummah as Perceived in the Holy Qur'an & Immaculate Sunnah
  2. Examples for The Unity of Muslim Ummah Throughout History
  3. The Necessitates of the Unity of Muslim Ummah & Responsibility of their Achievement
  4. Obstacles Preventing the Unity of Muslim Ummah & How to Effectively Overcome & Address Them?
  5. Practical Programs for Achieving the Desired Unity of Muslim Ummah

Marginal Workshops Tackling Topics comprise:

  1. The Spiritual & Cultural Unity of Muslims.
  2. Economic Unity of Muslims.
  3. Social Unity of Muslims.
  4. Political Unity of Muslim Countries.

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