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Conference on The Message of Masjid

Theme: The Message of the Masjid


Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

Venue- City

Makkah Al-Mukarramah

Date- From

15/09/1395H  corresponding to ( 21/09/1975)


18/09/1395 H corresponding to  (24/09 /1975)



Topics: .

  1. The Message of the Masjid 
  2. Training of Imams, Orators & Preachers.
  3. Friday Oration.
  4. Supervision over Masjid .
  5. World Supreme Council for Masajids
  6. Masjid's Financing
  7. Engineering Planning of Masjid.
  8. Aqsa Masjid
  9. General Recommendations

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