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World Conference on Dialogue

Cover Book of The World Conference on Dialogue

Focal Points of the World Conference on Dialogue

First Focal Point: Dialogue Its Religious & Civilizational Foundations

This discusses the Issue of Dialogue as adopted by the followers of revealed Messages and oriental philosophies.

1- Dialogue in Islam

2- Dialogue in Christianity


About Conference

The world today is unfortunately witnessing painful phenomena that make sleepless the sagacious people of all religions, sects and creeds. This is clearly seen in many aspects. In fact, mankind suffers from family disintegration and moral decay, environmental pollution, wars and conflicts that made the hearts of wise men bleed and constitutes an extremely disturbing incident that urges all people to seek salvation of mankind from its excruciating pains.

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Al-Turki-in-Naif_University-Riyadh-08 Commenting on some inquiries about the closure of the IOM International-Islamic-Conference-for-Dialogue-291
 MWL Secretary General received His Eminence the Lebanese Mufti MWL_office_in_Congo makkah-conference-14-27