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Press Release

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The Secretariat General of the Muslim World League  (MWL- League)  has condemned the terrorist explosion that targeted the Cathedral Church of Mark in Cairo, Egypt and the two explosions that occurred in the Turkish capital, Istanbul  as well as the explosion that happened in the Somali capital, Mogadishu and which all caused  the death  and injury of scores.

 The Muslim World League strongly denounces the criminal attempt perpetrated by the Houths Militias of Yemen and which was represented in their launch towards Holy Makkah Division of a ballistic missile that was intercepted and destroyed by the Saudi Air Force at 65 KG from the Holy Capital, Makkah, without allowing it to cause any damage.

The Secretariat General of the Muslim World League has indicated that this action exposes the magnitude of misleading in which was involved this criminal gang whose self has permitted it to be audacious towards provoking the feelings of Muslims via adopting sectarian illusions, malice and hatred.

MWL expressed deep concern for Justice law against sponsors of terrorism

Jeddah, Dhu-AlHijjah 12, 1437, Sep 13, 2016, SPA -- Muslim World League and its affiliate World Organization of Muslim Scholars expressed deep concern for the issuance of the US Congress of a legislation known as: "Justice law against sponsors of terrorism", as it clearly and frankly contravenes with the UN Charter and the principles of international law; and as such act is contrary to the basis of international relations based on the principles of equal sovereignty, immunity of the state, mutual respect and non imposition of domestic laws of any state on the other state (s).

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Makkah :

The Secretariat General of the Muslim World League (the League) in Holy Makkah  has welcomed the returning of matters to normalcy in Turkey under the leadership of President Recep Tayyib Ardogan.  

 This was conveyed  by a statement issued by H. E. Dr. Sheikh Abdullah Ibn Abdulmohsin Alturki, Secretary General of the Muslim World League and Member the Commission of the Senior Scholars, who said, " The Muslim World League has closely followed what has recently happened in the Turkish Republic, reactions of Muslim nations, keenness of Muslims for the security, stability and unity of the Turkish Republic as well as prosperity of the Turkish people and condemnation of Muslims for whatever targets the destabilization of security , safety and stability in Turkey 

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Makkah :

The Secretariat General of the Muslim World League (The League) based in Holy Makkah  has issued an urgent humanitarian appeal which it addressed to whole international community and humanitarian organizations regarding atrocious/fierce incidents committed by by the popular collective force and sectarian militia in the city of Fallouja, Iraq since long. The League has emphasized  the necessity of  saving innocent civilians, who have been exposed to annihilation and sectarian war  prohibited by ethical and humanitarian principles and classified as crime by international humanitarian law and which are considered as war crimes as well as crimes against humanity.


Strasbourg, 23 Sha'ban,1437 AH, 30 May,2016 , SPA -- The Secretary General of Muslim World League Dr. Abdullah bin Abdulmohsen Al-Turki confirmed that Muslims everywhere praise the efforts of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, and condemn the actions and opinions issued recently by Iran for not signing the agreement on Hajj organization, pointing out that the organization of the Hajj affairs is directly linked to the Kingdom, as it is the protector of the Two Holy Mosques, and all international laws completely prohibit interference in the internal affairs of any country and in all meetings and discussions, we find that there is condemnation of what was issued by Iran on this subject.

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Makkah :

The Secretariat General of the Muslim World League (The League) based in Holy Makkah  has denounced  the   attitude adopted by Iran which was represented in its rejection to sign  minutes of the agreement  pertaining to completion of  arrangements of pilgrimage (Hajj). The League holds Iran fully responsible for depriving Iranians intending to perform Hajj or Umrah or visiting Madinah of the opportunity of doing so via creating obstacles that prevent reaching a final  agreement that organizes the performance of the Iranian pilgrims for Hajj obligation.

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The Secretariat General of the Muslim World League (the League) issued a humanitarian urgent appeal which it addressed to the international community and humanitarian organizations  on the heinous  crimes which have been perpetrated  before a few days by  Assad regime  via its military air force  on the city of Aleppo and  its suburbans. In its appeal the League  emphasized that should some of stressing the need for decisiveness for ending these raids which are directed against residential sub-divisions whose inhabitants  have been exposed  to annihilation that is prohibited by  different conventions and  ethical  principles  and which are classified by international humanitarian law as war crimes and wars against humanity.

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Press Statement

Muslim World League Condemns the   Terrorist Explosion Incident   that Targeted Worshippers at a Masjid in Al-Ahsa City 

Makkah :

The Secretariat General of the Muslim World League (the League) in Holy Makkah  has condemned the terrorist incident  that occurred yesterday Friday at Al-Ridha Masjid at Mahasin District, Al-Alsah city, Al-Ahsah Province, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia ; and that led to  the death of 4 individuals and injury of 17 others.

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