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About MWL


The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is the leading contributor member of the Muslim countries funding the Muslim World League (MWL-League-Rabita). Along with other member states, those in charge of MWL seek to establish a brand of Islam that adheres to the precepts of God (Allah) and the tradition of the Prophet Mohammad. Their quest is to steer this Muslim organization away from the “fundamentalism” preached and followed by some.

International Organization For Muslim Scholars (IOMS)

It was established in complience with the resolution of the Fourth General Islamic Confrence held in Makkah Al-Mukarramah 1423H so as to unite and clarify the attitudes of Muslim scholars and intellectuals on different causes as well as address newly emerging and unprecedented incidents faced by Muslims.

(I.O.M.S.) seeks to achieve its objectives through the following:


General Islamic Conference (G.1.C.):

This Council  expresses the feelings of Muslim peoples around the world, as well as their aspirations towards achieving their higher goals. It is the highest policy making body of the Muslim World League and made up of senior Ulema (Muslim scholars) and preachers who frequently meet to discuss major issues concerning Islam and Muslims, and help solve their problems and achieve their benevolent aspirations.  G.I.C. has so far met for serval times as follows:



  1. Introducing the Islamic creed, laws and lifestyle according to the texts of the Holy Qur'an and the immaculate Sunnah (tradition of Prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him).
  2.  Making every possible effort to further the message of Islam in the promotion of peace, justice, liberation of  man from worshiping no diety save Allah, establishing Muslim community on the bases of  the sublime Islamic values and maintenance of human rights.
  3. Elucidating the true Islamic tenets, refuting false allegations levelled against Islam, combating both the distortion of its image and delibrate misguidance that is directed against the call of the truth.
  4. Developing acquaintance and cooperation between Muslim peoples and awakening their consciousness of both the issues facing the Muslims and their aspirations within the framework of respecting sovereignty of the countries they live in.
  5. Making efforts to address  the problems facing the Muslim World and helping Muslims solve their problems and achieve their aspirations and projects.
  6. Making all possible efforts to remove conflicts, divisive factors and disputes from within and between Muslim communities.
  7. Striving to promote virtue and order on this earth, combat mischief and urge people to obey God and His Messenger, peace be upon him.

The Secretariat General of The Muslim World League (Headquarters) is based in Makkah Al Mukarramah, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and the League has the right to establish branches, organizations and affiliate centers and offices inside and outside the seat country, Kingdom of Suadi Arabia.

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