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mwl secretary general in Vienna

SG in Vienna:"The term minority used in a Nation State's constitutional context isn't a description of multi ethnic national components".

"Constitutional resolutions resolve all communities' demands (own specific needs); only thru legal means these should be contested".

"Whoever accepts a particular country's citizenship or residence therein, should abide by and adhere to its constitution, law & resolutions"

Commitment 2 States' constitutions & laws doesn't mean endorsement but one must follow the as long as residence there permits it.

Muslim community must be an integral "positive" part of the active National component & must play it's role in honesty & profesdionalism.

HE the SG "Whoever tarnishes Islam's true & pure image by his actions or behavior, has committed an offense against it before anyone else"

Our duty is to convey the truth not to convince. Thus is our belief in God's ruling in difference, diversity and plurality matters.

Religious zeal has no place in constitutional issues; in islamic context it has no influence "on its own" let alone in other areas.


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