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offices of Muslim World League

World Supreme Council for Mosques

The WSCM has an independent legal personality. It aims at reactivating the mission of the Mosque as a vital focal point of the religious as well as the temporal life of the Muslim.

Ultimately, the WSCM aims at restoring the Mosque's role to what it was during the early days of Islam. It also strives to protect Mosques and Islamic trusts against assault, and to maintain the sanctity and purity of the Mosque.

The WSCM was founded in compliance with a resolution adopted by the "Message of the Mosque" conference, which was held in Holy Makkah during the month of Ramadan 1395 (September 1975) under the auspices of the Muslim World League. Composition: The WSCM consists of forty (40) members representing Muslim peoples and communities around the world. Members function voluntarily, without salary or remuneration. Objectives - Formation of Islamic public opinion regarding the various issues of concern to Muslims, within the guidance of the Holy Qur'an and the Sunnah - Combating ideological incursions and aberrant thought. - Advocating the freedom of preaching to the path of God. - Striving to protect Mosques and Mosque properties against attack. - Preserving Islamic endowments. - Defending the rights of the Muslim minorities. Jurisdiction: - Laying down plans designed to revive the role of the Mosque in the fields of guidance, education, preaching and provision of social services. - Publishing the 'Message of the Mosque' periodical, which deals with finding ways and means of raising the standard of the cultural as well as technical efficiency of the Imams and the Khateebs. - Publishing Islamic books and pamphlets. - Conducting a comprehensive survey of the world's Mosques and publishing the information gathered in book form and in the shape of periodical bulletins. - Selecting and posting groups of well qualified preachers on guidance missions throughout the Mosques of the world. - Organizing local or regional refresher courses to enrich the culture of the Imams and the Khateebs and to raise the standard of their efficiency. - Formation of board of directors to supervise the affairs of each and every Mosque at the national as well as the regional levels. - Studying the ideas and patterns of behavior that contravene the teachings of Islam.

- Helping in rehabilitating and training Imams and Khateebs for posting to the various Muslim areas to lead Muslims in prayers, deliver sermons and guidance lessons.

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