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The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is the leading contributor member of the Muslim countries funding the Muslim World League (MWL-League-Rabita). Along with other member states, those in charge of MWL seek to establish a brand of Islam that adheres to the precepts of God (Allah) and the tradition of the Prophet Mohammad. Their quest is to steer this Muslim organization away from the “fundamentalism” preached and followed by some. The Muslim World League’s work, which stems from the Quran, was launched from Makkah, the cradle of revelation, the beginning of the Message of Islam and the seat of the organization. It’s necessary for the MWL to use these basic texts of the true Islam to reach people. It is these authentic texts that the Rabita needed to propagate and call people to tolerance, harmony and peaceful coexistence. The League is relentlessly pursuing the establishment of a human society based on the principles of genuine faith. It teaches people to keep away from violence, terrorism and extremism. In addition, the preachers (Da’eya- sing, Da’e) working with the Rabita are sent to Africa, Asia, Europe, North and Latin America to teach the real Islam. These educate people about the right way to live according to their religion. Books of renowned scholars are used as reference to instill the proper concept of Islam in the people's minds. Islam is after all a moralistic religion that preaches moderation, tolerance and coexistence between humans. Like any other organization, the Muslim World League has also contributed to building mosques, schools and cultural and women's centers in many parts of the world where they are needed. Today, the Muslim World League is still doing all it can to improve the status of Muslims at all education and social levels.

  Following a meeting of 22 prominent Muslim religious figures held in 1962, the Muslim World League saw the light. The then Crown Prince Faisal Bin Abdul-Aziz was seen as the founder figure. Since its inception, the Rabita has been working on promoting the adherence to a clear teaching of Islam. It encouraged the moderate stance that the Prophet Mohammad preached. It is noteworthy that Dr. Said Ramadan was banned from coming to Saudi Arabia to participate in any of the Rabita’s activities. Hence, he wasn’t a founder member of the Muslim World League as it is stated.


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