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Professor (Abdul-Ahad Dawood) Benjamin David

    Few are those who leave their mark in the fields of science they deal with. For most authors and writers contend themselves to repeat what their predecessors have said.
    Professor Dawood is one of those who have written extensively in the subject of religious argument. No researcher can ignore or overlook his writings.
    You see; Abdul-Ahad Dawood was the former Priest Benjamin David. He has reached the highest academic and theological echelons. He was fluent in both languages of the Bible; Greek and Hebrew. Furthermore, he was well versed in Arabic, Persian and Turkish languages.    In Iran and in the middle of the nineteenth century, Benjamin has been born in a Chaldean Christian family that follows the Catholic Church. He pursued academic and theological education in Provo Gann David College in Rome. Later, in 1895, he went on to become a priest. His scientific writings made him famous with religious newspapers and magazines. These used to compete to publish his articles and research.
    Ever since his young age, Benjamin, the Pastor has worked with British and French Christian missionary. He has visited Rome and many other European capitals. He has been selected to represent his religious group in the “Eucharist” conference held by the Catholic denominations in “Paray-le-Monial” in France.
    On the first day of the twentieth century, the pastor delivered a famous sermon. A large gathering of believers witnessed the event. The subject of his speech has been to urge followers to spread Christianity and modernize their methods of preaching to suit the twentieth century. However, before the end of the last days of that same year, doubts about religion have raged in his mind. Benjamin, the Priest, took a significant step in his life. After a month of isolation spent captive of his suspicions among his books, references and reflections, he has decided to quit missionary work.
    Looking into one important Christian doctrine, Benjamin the Pastor began his mutiny on the Church. The cause of his scorn is the intercession and salvation practiced within the Church. His innate instinct has rejected the claim that God won’t save anyone from hellfire except through Christ the Intercessor. However, this Messiah who combines human and divine traits will readily grant this salvation from purgatory. All he has to do is to be crucified on the cross to atone for the sinners’ wrong doing.
    The matter doesn’t stop here. There are many other intercessors the Church asks believers to seek salvation from. This includes the Virgin Mary, whom the Catholic believers worship. They ask her forgiveness through supplication, pleading and prayers. In addition, there are angels, apostles and monks. These, will forgive people in churches and accept their vows, offerings and rituals. Furthermore, the Church believes that no salvation will be granted to even those who do well unless by intervention on their behalf.
    Abdul-Ahad’s reply to this was: “This has mystified me and gave rise to uncertainty in the validity of Christianity. It has led me to search and analyze the foundations of religions openly.” His bright mind doesn’t accept nonsense and doesn’t follow illusions and fantasy.
    Studies have led the erudite pastor to believe that this faith is twice inconsistent with divine justice. The first of which: it requires the offender to escape punishment through someone interceding on his behalf. The second: the conviction and doom of a good doer who for the lack of an intercessor won’t receive salvation. According to canonical perspective, it’s only through alleged intercessors holding this right; a sin could be forgiven. Furthermore, this will make these people if they were honest, worthier of thanks and supplication than God himself. Denouncing this practice, David has said:”to whom would the forgiven and exonerated of his sins be grateful to? Would he be thankful to God or to the intercessor? Of course, he would be more indebted and obliged to his intercessor that saved him from the executioner. Through this “kind” act by the intercessor, he would be reminded of an unforgiving and revengeful Judge, seeking his doom.” Thus absolute intercession through humans is a belief falsely attributed to God as:”weakness, ignorance, injustice and bad faith…”
    Benjamin David the Priest visited Britain in 1904 where he joined a unified religious society. Then, on his way back to Iran, he stopped in Istanbul.  There, he met a number of Muslim scholars headed by a renowned Sheikh called Jamaluddin Effendi. He had a talk, and discussed religions with them. A strange thing happened to him; he felt his heart has just cracked open with a new sensation. He has become Muslim and called himself Abdul-Ahad Dawood.
    Once he has been asked: how have you become Muslim? First thing is he has acknowledged the bounty of God on him. He said:”I cannot attribute my guidance to anyone other than Allah the Almighty. Without His support, all readings, research and efforts spent to seek the truth won’t be enough. The moment I have believed in the unity of God and his noble Prophet (PBUH), was the turning point towards the model behavior of a believer.”
    The erudite Professor Abdul-Ahad has authored two unique books in their subjects. The first bore the title “the Bible and the Cross," the second has been “Muhammad in the Bible."
    In the first book, he tells the initial part of his journey to guidance. He says:”the result of my analysis and investigation has convinced me that Christ’s killing, crucifixion and his rising from the dead has been just a tall tale. The four gospels haven’t been written by Jesus himself in his time. They have sprung up a long time after the death of the apostles. When they have reached us, they were doctored and corrupted at will. After all this, I was conscientiously compelled to believe and recognize that our master Mohammad (PBUH) is the true Prophet; I couldn’t deny that.” He has thoroughly demonstrated and detailed the history of the Gospels’ writing and the anonymity of their authors.
    His second book titled “Mohammad in the Bible." is the most important one of the two volumes. In it, Abdul-Ahad surpassed himself by extracting the enunciation of the Prophet Mohammad in both the new and the old Testaments. As we know, both Jews and Christians believe in these two Gospels. Distortion and falsification have filled every page of these Bibles throughout the years. These haven’t been able to dim the value of his research. A valuable book was produced as a result of his biblical knowledge added to his mastery of ancient and modern languages in which the Bibles have been written- and also his keen analysis, makes this book a must read.
     The Qur’an in previous Books revealed by God has told about the arrival of our Prophet (PBUH). Allah states in Sura Al-Baqara, verse 146 “The people of the Book know this as they know their own sons; however, some of them conceal the truth which they know.”
    The touchstone of this verse is obvious to an expert the caliber of Abdul-Ahad Dawood. He has after all gathered all the bits of this prophesy from the Holy Writ. He has presented to the reader in his interesting book. Indeed, the name (Ahmad) of the Prophet (PBUH) is emblazoned in the Book of Haggai of the Torah chapter (2-7). The origins of the Hebrew Book state the following: “חמדת מגיעה לכל העמים”. The text literally means:” Himdat will come to all nations.” The name Himdat is the Hebrew version of the Prophet’s name “Ahmad” (PBUH). It is noteworthy to mention that all diverse translations of all Gospels have conspired to conceal it and distort it. They considered the name “Himdat” an adjective and not a noun. The Arabic translations run as follows: “And the desired of all the nations will come.” He was Mohammad (PBUH).
    Jewish and Christian Holy Writ also mentioned the Prophet (PBUH) in another text.  A saying attributed to Prophet Jacob (PBUH) when he gathered his children and told them about what would happen to them. He said to them:” The scepter will not depart from Judah, or the ruler's staff from between his feet, until he (Shiloh) comes to whom it belongs, and the obedience of the nations is his (Genesis 49/10). The text in the Peshitta language translation states:”until comes the one to whom it belongs." This means the kingdom and the Shari’a. It’s an explicit prophesy of a prophet from other than the people of Israel. Thus with his arrival the scepter of Judah will move away from them, and the eligibility of the children of Israel will cease. Furthermore, with his arrival, their law will be replaced by a new one of his (PBUH). He is (PBUH) “Shiloh” the one the obedience of the nations is his. Arabs, Romans and Persians submitted to his nation. His banners have flapped to the farthest corners of the world east and west.
The name “Shiloh” according to the scholar Abdul-Ahad has been derived from the Hebrew word meaning the peaceful one. There is another word that means the one who has been sent, alternatively the messenger of God. Now, no matter what the derivative of “Shiloh’s” name, the Prophet is the only person who fits exactly the Biblical prophecy. People of the book will never find in the long human history’s records anyone other than him that has fulfilled it. With his mission of Mohammad (PBUH), God has removed any preference enjoyed by the people of Israel. They have been given governance and Shari’a (the Scepter and the staff). Allah says in Sura Al-Jathiya, verses 16, 17, 18: “We did aforetime grant to the Children of Israel the Book the Power of Command, and Prophethood; We gave them, for Sustenance, things good and pure; and We favored them above the nations. (16)And We granted them Clear Signs in affairs (of Religion): it was only after knowledge had been granted to them that they fell into schisms, through insolent envy among themselves. Verily thy Lord will judge between them on the Day of Judgment as to those matters in which they set up differences. (17) Then We put thee on the (right) Way of Religion: so follow thou that (Way), and follow not the desires of those who know not.”
The guided Pastor has also unearthed another prophecy indicating the Prophethood of Mohammad (PBUH) and heralds his upcoming.  The verse at the beginning of the third book of the chapter of Malachi mentions the arrival of Prophet named (The angel of the time long awaited by the people of Israel). The verse states: “Behold, I send my messenger, and he will prepare the way before me; and the Lord, whom you seek, will suddenly come to his temple; and the messenger of the covenant, whom you desire, behold, he comes! says the Lord of Armies.” The Messenger, according to Professor Abdul-Ahad, is Mohammad (PBUH). He came suddenly from the Aqsa mosque the day of the ascension and nocturnal journey.
Abdul-Ahad Dawood has spent a total of forty years in the fold of Islam. In 1940, he died after a distinguished yet relatively short life serving the true and final religion of Allah. Pray! Allah will reward him abundantly on behalf of Islam and Muslims. 

Dr. Munqith Bin Mahmoud Al-Sakkar

Researcher at Muslim World League


Translated by Sadok Salehi

Translator at Muslim World League

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