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Speed of light "In Monotheism Books, why?"

Speed of light "In Monotheism Books, why?" by Dr. Muhammad Doudah

The speed of light in vacuum c is the same for all forces including light and all other electromagnetic waves, e.g. ultraviolet, infrared, radio and TV, and may be also the gravity. It is the upper limit speed for the forces in the physical universe and it can't be reached by any matter due to the infinite energy needed.

Therefore, to describe this highest speed on the astronomical basis, the distance covered by which in a day as the shortest astronomical time is best compared to the astronomical distance covered by the moon as the nearest celestial object and the easiest to define its motion precisely. Lunar year is based on 12 cycles. Hence, puzzle of Monotheism books becomes a miracle; that "a day is comparable to or does not exceed a thousand year" (in distance), based on what moon's motion be reckoned, i.e. relative to vacuum as if earth is motionless as reckoned by earth observers, then isolated earth-moon system is achieved: "speed of light c = 12,000 moon's cycles per day (in the isolated system)".

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