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His Excellency Abdullah Bin Abdelmohsin Al-Turki Secretary General Muslim World League

Speech His Excellency Abdullah Bin Abdelmohsin Al-Turki Secretary General Muslim World League At the Opening of  The Second International Conference - The Muslim World .. Issues and Solutions  Islamic Solidarity

I welcome you to the Muslim World League the representative of Muslim peoples and minorities. It’s no secret that the Muslim Umma is going through painful difficulties. It’s up to people of influence and authority to contribute in alleviating or overcoming these tribulations.

The Muslim World League held its first conference on the Muslim world. The fulcrum of which were problems and solutions. The Custodian of the two holy mosques, King Abdullah Bin Abdul-Aziz Al-Saud gave it full attention and support and directed the MWL to hold annually.

The Custodian of the two holy mosques supported the meeting and directed officials to organize the event on “Islamic solidarity." The Rabita decided to participate in this conference and contribute to the implementation of its recommendations. It is, therefore, seeking to raise consciousness and disseminate the culture of Islamic solidarity among the nation’s different classes. It also aims at enhancing practical projects and programs in addition to supporting communication and cooperation between Muslims. We will work on supporting cooperation and communication    institutions.  We will address roots of eroding trust and raising animosity and hatred among them. The Prophet (PBUH) warned about these by saying: “Beware of ill feelings, i.e. animosity and hatred (between each other), it’s that which destroys religion”   

 It’s now more than fifty years since the foundation of the Rabita. It has been set up at a time when most of the Muslim world was escaping a colonial era that has disjointed its entity. The colonialists have worked to deprive the nations of the Muslim world of the sense of its unity. They have also weakened the link between its people and countries. They have fueled the enthusiasm to national, sectarian and ethnic loyalty.


The call to Islamic solidarity has been launched, and the Muslim World League exerted a relevant effort in it. The real work has begun to fix the values and principles affected during that dreadful era. These values and principles are the driving forces behind the unity of the Umma. The movement of rehabilitation came to whip up the conscience of the peoples and awaken their spirit. It came reminding them that national, ethnic and sectarian elements are part and parcel of Islamic affiliation. Furthermore,   allegiance to Islam is also one of the elements of harmony and coexistence.

The efforts exerted working towards Muslim solidarity bore fruit. The   Organization of Islamic Cooperation and its affiliates has been established.

History bears witness to the efforts of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, its leaders since the Imam King Abdul-Aziz Bin Abdurrahman Al-Saud, for the sake of Islamic solidarity.

Today, the Custodian of the two holy mosques, King Abdullah Bin Abdul-Aziz Al-Saud is exercising great efforts to reunite the Muslim Umma. Of course, hard work is required to ensure its solidarity. This is particularly true at a time when the sons of the Umma have become highly skilled in many disciplines. They are now able to manage its own affairs and solve its problems. Thus, Islamic solidarity could be transformed from being an idea to comprehensive action programs. However, the nation should cooperate to carry them out.

 There are factors that would stimulate people seeking to achieve Islamic solidarity. They should emulate examples set by other neighboring nations. These countries have become, connected and linked with webs of communications and relations. Borders between many countries have become an obsolete fact of the past.

Both official and popular bodies must promote and address the necessity of the nation’s solidarity. They should work together towards achieving it.


The most prominent obstacles facing this solidarity seem to be the current Islamic state of affairs. Added to that, would be figuring out solutions to its problems. The premises of these solutions deny the nation’s heritage which’s the carrier of its culture and the guardian of its Islamic identity. 

The leading obstacles facing this solidarity is the current Muslims’ state of affairs coupled with wrong analysis of the problems and solutions.  Finally, those involved tried treating these problems through practices that alienate the nation’s heritage. Muslims hold their heritage dear to their hearts. It propagates their culture and defends their Islamic identity... that dates back to the time of the seal of all prophets and messengers (PBUT).

 Practices in past and present history of the Muslim Umma confirm the following: Systems contradictory to religion won’t improve the situation. Hence these procedures clash with proven norm of community administration. It’s only through the customs of its civilization and the rules of its cultural system that the Umma can reach a new beginning.

Political, intellectual or religious professions and discord between different Muslim groups constitute added obstacles. For these reasons, the nation has been hindered from reaching solidarity and developing international Islamic relations.  Furthermore, they represent great challenges to internal security and national growth.

Remedy to this dilemma lies in practicing a great deal of dialogue with all its terms and conditions. This would correct misconceptions and misperceptions and would create a right atmosphere of moderation. 


The remedy to this problem is in applying the terms and conditions of sincere dialogue. This will rectify misconceptions and misunderstanding and will create a moderate atmosphere of opinions and attitudes; and deal with the violator. It will further prepare a safe haven of coexistence and cooperation. Dealing with Islamic ethics, thinking well of others, to be honest in words and deeds must take priority. Muslims should avoid competing for positions of leadership and influence. They should favor legitimate interest before mundane ones. They should put public interest of the entire Islamic Umma and homeland before personal, partisan and factional interests. Sectarianism, and party fanaticism are another harmful element to the unity of the Umma; and it is on the rise. With pure intentions and hard work, the outcome will be positive God willing.

With the solidarity of the Muslims in mind, the Custodian of the two holy mosques has invited the leaders of the nations to assemble. He asked them to participate in the extraordinary summit conference in Makkah.  


   Having the solidarity of the Muslims in mind, the Custodian of the two holy mosques has invited the leaders of the nations to assemble. He asked them to participate in the extraordinary summit conference in Makkah on Islamic solidarity. He urged them to find ways to revive solidarity among the minds of Muslim masses.

Today’s conference gathers a selection of distinctive personalities of the Islamic Umma in the scientific and academic fields. Their task is to send a clear message to the Muslim leaders and peoples. They should remind them about the importance of adhering to the book of Allah and the Sunna of their prophet. They should help one another in that. This will surely raise their stature and enhance their global position.

On this propitious occasion, it’s my pleasure to express my deepest thanks and appreciation to the Custodian of the two holy mosques. His kind patronage of this conference is appreciated. His continuous support of the MWL’s different events is extremely appreciated. Thanks and appreciations are also due to HRH Crown Prince Salman for their service to and defense of Islam; the care and support provided to Muslims wherever they are. Their pursuit to unite Muslim ranks and stance are gratefully recognized.

This was a well-known policy followed by the Kingdom whose rule and constitution have been built on the Book of Allah and the Sunna of His Prophet. It applied this steady course in all its affairs.

Thanks and appreciations are also extended to HRH Prince Mish’al Bin Abdullah Bin Abdul-Aziz, the governor of Makkah. He is inaugurating this conference on behalf of the Custodian of the two holy mosques. The MWL and the conference's participants are extremely happy for the Prince’s presence in the first of their many future events. The Rabita will be looking forward to his cooperation and productive advices in further events. His distinctive experience will be an invaluable asset to the League.

The Muslim World League would like to take this opportunity to thank HRH Prince Khalid Al-Faisal, the Minister of Education for his efforts with the Rabita. We implore Allah to help him in his great mission.

We extend our thanks to His Eminence Sheikh Abdul-Aziz Bin Abdullah Al-Sheikh, the grand Mufti of the Kingdom, and President of the Rabita’s Supreme Council for his continuous support.

To the scholars and researchers that have participated in this conference, the Rabita extends its heartfelt thanks and appreciations for their efforts.

We thank the efforts our colleagues; the media personnel and their institutions for their cooperation with the MWL in this conference.

We implore Allah to make this event an honest effort for the sake of Allah. As for the participants, we wish them success in what pleases our Lord. I ask Allah to reward you all amply.




 Muslim World League – Secretariat General



1-3/5/1435 H

2 – 4/3/2014


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