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Institute for Training Imams and Preachers in Makkah

Institute for Training Imams and Preachers

P. O. Box: 538

Ommul Jood, Old Jeddah Road

Makkah Al-Mukarramah - Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

Tel: 5431648-02-966 

Fax: (  5435469-02-966  )

5431648 -02-966  - Ext 112)



Web site:


MWL Quran Studies Institute in Mauritania

Fawax Abdulaziz al-Sellamy

Tel: +222-5253081

Fax: +222-5251688

P. O. Box: 523




MWL Institute in Comores

TEL: +260-732238


MWL Professionals Training Institute in Bangladsh

Contact Person: Mir Qasim Ali

TEL: +880-9121027

Fax: +880-8114560

P. O. Box: 1207

Dhaka 55

Ghaznawy str - Muhammad Bor



MWL Institute in Niger

Contact Person: Aadem Trawery

Tel +227-733342

Fax: +227-753104

P. O. Box: 11936


Niamey - Niger

MWL Institute Islamic Center Anofia - Nigeria

Aveno Fibco Str 1040 Anofia
imam institute in Makkah

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