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Praise be to Allah; blessing and peace be upon the Seal of Prophets, Muhammad, and all other monotheistic Prophets & Messengers who preceded Him.

By the grace of Allah a Conference on ( Dialogue: A Human Common Bond) was organized in Taipei, Taiwan by Muslim World League in cooperation with Chinese Muslim Association between 18-19 Rabuil AlAwwal 1432AH, corresponding to 21-22 February 2011.

The Conference was opened  by H.E.  Ma Ying- jeou , President of Taiwan who delivered a speech in which he emphasized that the civilization dialogue is highly significant as it helps all parties surmount substantial differences as well as crisis and  strengthens  human communalities to establish sustainable peaceful coexistence among different communities.

H. E. Dr. Abdullah Ibn Abdul Mohsin AlTurki, Secretary General of Muslim World League, emphasized in his address the rejection of the Muslim Ummah for the theory promoting the inevitable clash of civilization and dominance of the strongest civilization and belief that it is essential to exploit the human communalities accepted by all cultures for the interest and happiness of mankind. Furthermore, H. E. Dr AlTurki highlighted the particular attention Muslims give to eastern civilizations and cooperation with the peoples embracing them. Furthermore, he applauded the initiative of Custodian of Two Holy Mosques King Abdullah Ibn Abdul AlAziz Al-Saud for civilization dialogue, confirming that this Taipei Conference is indeed a good reflection for this pioneering initiative.

The participants have adequately tackled in their scholarly research papers the conference's theme and its pivotal points ; and reminded people of the fact that Islam spread historically in Asia via promoting dialogue, securing benefit for people and setting good examples by those who were honored at time with holding couragiously its banner. Likewise, the participants commended the desirable coexistence among followers of civilizations and cultures which is admirably witnessed in a number of east and south Asian countries. They underlined the significance of holding further conferences, seminars and symposiums on dialogue with a view to exploiting them for the enhancement of the culture of dialogue and civilization as well as for the promotion of cooperation with others in the service and benefit of man. The participants have underlines in their deliberations a number of the following principles:

  •     Accept the idea that religion has its apparent impact on guiding human life, preserving ethical values in society; and that it is not associated with the promotion of terrorism and violence which are unfortunately resultant of injustice,  selfish as well as imperialistic tendencies which are caused by the dominance of materialistic aspects in life.
  •     Confirm the fact that Allah has venerated man as He has granted him an intellect and honored him with vicegerency on earth, without inclining to differences of sex, color or place.
  •     Consider that human civilization is a common human heritage; and that no one has the right to monopolize it or claim that he has given it alone its currently distinguishing shape  as it is the duty of all people to benefit from such heritage and preserve all its aspects for the service and benefit of mankind.
  •     Accept that diversity is a universal  phenomenon which necessitates conflict and disputes; to consider that the presence of many cultures and civilizations is seen as an a conspicuous enrichment for human thought together with holding the notion that dialogue among such civilizations is a guarantee that transfers them from the status of hateful conflict and unfortunate chaos to that of proper understanding, followed by due cooperation and complementation.
  •     Reject the calls for racial discrimination, civilization hegemony and newly adopted practice of Islamophobia; and the claim that they are the main cause for the escalating wave of hatred in the world.
  •     Confirm that security, justice and prosperity are undisputable rights for all people and consider that their violation constitutes a real threat to both local and international social peace as well as a substantial cause for the undesirable indulgence into more evils of conflict and dispute.
  •     Underline that various cultures - despite their clear differences-  possess rich experiences that enable them to adequately address a number of extremely disturbing phenomena as cultures enjoy veneration and influence among their followers.
  •     Call that we should not be enticed by negative stereotyped unjustifiably preconceived ideas  that resulted from very painful accumulated historical incidents.
  •     Adopt that the essence of Divine Messages (religions) is one and that  it is  focused on believing that God Almighty is  one  and that He must be worshipped faithfully and His guidance be fully complied with in a manner that pleases Him as these matters guarantee for man the happiness he desires and restlessly seeks  in this world and hereafter.


The participants, who thoroughly reviewed the research papers submitted at the conference various panels, confirmed that it is highly significant that civilization dialogue be transferred from the status of unfortunate conflict and chaos  to that of proper understanding, followed by due solidarity and cooperation. Furthermore, they demanded that in-depth studies and researches on human commonalities must be carried out as these  will achieve the aspirations of man and alleviate his pain and concerns. They adopted the following recommendations:

  •     To consider it essential that the values which respect man and preserve his rights must be strengthened; and that we jointly seek to achieve such enhancement as well as cooperate for both prevention and denunciation of injustice and aggression with a view to lessening conflicts and wars that constitute a disturbing  burden to certain human societies and wastefully consume their energies.
  •     To reject the culture of civilization dominance that infringes religious privacy of others and attempts to obliterate their very cultural identities; but it must be stressed that openness towards others and benefit from their civilization achievements are considered highly important.
  •     To call upon religious organizations and bodies to intensify their effort  in the enhancement of ethics and values that are embraced commonly by nations and  preached by both Divines Messages (Religions) and human civilizations. Serious attempts must be made to confront the deviant calls for promiscuity and homosexuality as well as refute vigorously the allegations that such calls are masked by false freedom and urge those concerned to draw appropriate plans of action  that help save human societies from the negative impact such calls.
  •     To call upon academic institutions as well as peace-loving intellectual elite groups to inspire the lessons of the past  in the creation of  a promising future via the enhancement of the principles of dialogue and peaceful coexistence among the followers of religions and civilizations. It is also pertinent that we take advantage of the various successes achieved by previous dialogue sessions in drawing programs that promote mechanisms  of dialogue and surmount its obstacles.
  •      To denounce categorically the attacks to which certain worshipping sites have been increasingly  exposed and confirm that religions have no links at all with heinous activities targeting social peace.
  •     To call upon organizations and  peace-loving countries to make  every possible effort  to stop  both the practices aiming at the Judaization of Quds, as well as the Israeli excavation works that threaten Aqsa Mosque, desecrate it  and shake its status in the hears of Muslims .
  •     To consider family the most significant foundation that helps society keep coherent ; and warn people against the calls that aim at its breakup by adopting and legalizing homosexual  and extra-marital relations that are prohibited by Divine Religions and considerable  cultures.
  •     To appeal to international mass media to observe the spirit of responsibility and objectivity as well as avoid to keep away from sensational, provocative and unrealistic  presentation.
  •     Underline the significance of continuing  the dissemination of dialogue culture and enhancement of coexistence principles  via producing reliable documentaries and other media materials.
  •     To applaud the inception of King Abdullah International Center for Dialogue, approve the noble objectives it seeks to achieve and encourage all bodies concerned with dialogue all over the world to coordinate with it as well as support its programs and activities.
  •     To create a TV Channel that transmits its programs in live languages for promoting the culture of dialogue and coexistence as well as for acquainting the world with the human communalities that necessitate the promotion of solidarity and bridge-building, with a view to depriving those  promoting clash of civilization of any opportunity that they may exploit to their favor.
  •     To encourage intellectuals to strengthen civilization relations among nations, publish specialized periodicals,  establish centers for translation., compilation  and organization of international research competition that promote international relations based on mutual respect and contribute to shedding light on the positive aspects of common cooperation.
  •     To closely follow with deep concern the climate changes caused by global warming to which the earth is unfortunately exposed  and call upon Governments and International Organizations to the following:

* Uphold solidarity in the confrontation of challenges and foster cooperation in facing catastrophes and waves of floods, desertification as well as address their  negative impact.

* Stop armament race and dispose with nuclear andbiological weapons that constitute a real peril according to united standards without any bias or discrimination.

* Coordinate  efforts to combat challenges that threaten the future of mankind and render aid to poor countries with the aim of helping the inhabitants of these countries to get rid of diseases.

* Promulgate laws and frame international charters that  consider violation of environment  as well as wasteful  consumption of water and energy sources as crimes as well as conserve for the  coming generations  their right to live on earth that is free from environmental pollution that is caused  by negligence of man..

* Appeal to Muslim countries and organizations to elucidate the reality and principles of Islam and the enrichment it possesses for human civilization in a manner that refutes the phenomenon of" Islamophobia " which is caused by sheer ignorance of Islam and its      civilization.

* Call upon Muslim World League, UN and other regional as well as international organizations to support the recommendations of this Conference  and seek to make sure that they are implemented in a     manner that makes mankind happy and helps it avoid the miserable  consequences caused by wars and world conflicts.

The Conference  extends deep gratitude to Muslim World League  for the efforts it makes in the promotion of values of moderation and coexistence and for its sincere endeavors in the organization of dialogue conferences in Holy Makkah, Madrid and Geneva. The Conference also calls upon Muslim World League to conduct further events that contribute to the  establishment of  world peace; and it reiterate its applaud of the Dialogue Initiative of Custodian of Two Holy Mosques King Abdullah Ibn Abdul Aziz Al-Saud  and encourage him to continue the dialogue march by securing for it the programs that enable it to achieve the noble objectives which are anticipated by wise men all over the World.

At conclusion, the Conference commends the experience of coexistence in Taiwan and commend the freedom enjoyed by Muslims in practicing their religious activities. It also expressed its profound appreciation to both the Chinese Muslim Association in Taiwan and other bodies cooperating with it for the sincere efforts they collectively made for the organization of this Conference.

God Almighty grants success to whatever good.

Issued by Conference on Dialogue : A Common Human Bond

Organized by both: Muslim World League & Chinese Muslim Association

in Taipei –Taiwan Between 18- 19 /3/1432AH  Corresponding to : 21-22/2/2011 AD

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