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Final communique Issued by 14th Makkah Conference On “Human Rights Between Sharia and International Conventions”  organized by Muslim World League (The League) in Makkah between 5-7/12/1434 H – 10-12/10/2013 AD

Praise be to Allah; blessing and peace be upon the seal Prophets, his kinsfolk and companions and those who followed his suit.

          With the grace and support of Allah Almighty, the 14thMakkah Conference on  “Human Rights Between Sharia and International Conventions”,  organized by the Muslim World League (The League), under patronage of Custodian of the two Holy Masjids King Abdullah Ibn Abdul Aziz AlSaud,  in Makkah between 5-7/12/1434 H – 10-12/10/2013 AD., was dully concluded today.

          HRH Prince Khalid AlFaisal, Governor of Makkah region inaugurated on behalf of the Monarch the conference and  stressed Islam’s care for human rights, indicating that this can be achieved only when Islamic Sharia is appliedin the manner adopted in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Furthermore, he thanked Muslim World League for convening this event.

          His Eminence Sheikh Abdul Aziz Ibn Abdullah AlAlSheikh, Grand Mufti of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and President of the Muslim World League’s Supreme Council, highlighted the care given by Islam to man as well as  due safeguard and protection of his rights; and urged the Muslim governments and peoples to comply with and adhere to Islamic rules.

          In his address, the Secretary General of the Muslim World League, Dr. Abdullah Ibn Abdul Mohsin AlTurkihas wholeheartedly welcomed the guests of the League. He further  confirmed  the League’s attention to discuss the issues concerning the Muslim Ummah through holding conferences, symposia and scientific meetings  in cooperation with scholars and experts.

           His Excellency Dr. AbdulmalikIbnAbdulrahmanAlSaadi, President of the Committee of Ifta and Ahl Assunnah wal Jama’a in Iraq, has delivered on behalf of the participants a speech, in which he highly praised the sincere efforts made by the League in introducing Islam and its principles in matters relating to the establishment of justice and protection of rights. He further expressed the profound appreciation of the participants to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia for its laudable efforts in establishing Islam’s values.

          Throughout the conference’s sessions, the participants have stressed the fact that Muslims are considered both more deserving than others in honoring of man and in caring for his right as well as more keen  than others in putting an end to injustice. For, Sharia has conspicuously elucidated the people's rights and duties as well as established the values of justice and equity.

          The participants have thoroughly addressed the actual situation of the issue of human rights in the world in general, and in the Arab world in particular; and have strongly condemned the horrific massacres perpetrated in Syria using diverse mass destructive weapons, including chemical one as well as deliberate demolition of homes with tenants still inside, and displacement of millions of innocent civilians. Furthermore, they  called on the governments of Muslim countries, Organization of Islamic Cooperation, Arab League and Gulf cooperation Council to take an urgent initiative that seeks to stop the horrible bloody massacres in Syria,  rescue its people,  show  due solidarity with it,  and  secure providing it with relief aid, food, shelter and medicine.

They called on the UN General Assembly, the Security Council and International Courts to implement international laws on countries and parties involved in the violations committed by the oppressive Syrian regime; and arrange to pass a resolution on the expulsion of their troops from the Syrian territories and on stopping the support given to  the Syrian regime’s barbaric killing machine.

          The Conference has condemned the events in Iraq, particularly the perpetration of terrorist acts and human rights violations of certain segments of the society,  insulting  the country’s symbols, attacking Masjids and forced displacement of the population. They specially called for the respect of Iraq’s independence, integrity  and non-intervention in its affairs.

          The Conference has denounced continuous violations of the rights of the Palestinian people, warned against the plans aimed at dividing the Aqsa Masjid between Muslims and Jews and called upon the United Nations to prevent from happening any aggression that targets the first Qibla of the Muslims.

          The Conference has condemned the terrible persecution campaigns launched by the Myanmar authorities against Muslims as well as  appealed to international organizations to intervene for the protection of Muslims, halt all sorts of discrimination and restore for them their rights, including those of nationality and full citizenship, which guarantee equal opportunities for the social components of Myanmar.

          They called on all countries to respect Muslim minorities everywhere on this planet and help them enjoy all their rights in the manner followed by Islam  in dealing with non-Muslim minorities within the Muslim Society.

The participants reiterated the following:


  1. Human rights are a God given gift to all sons of Adam, who are considered equal as there is no preference for one over the other;  and that such rights should neither be neglected nor violated  as Allah Almighty has legislated them in a perfect heavenly manner that suits the nature of human beings, protects their humanity and secures for them due benefit in this world and hereafter.
  2. Sharia took the precedence over international conventions in establishing human rights, as such rights are enshrined in the Qur’an, the Sunnah and the Madina’s Proclamation (constitutional Document) and the Prophet's final Hajj sermon as well as in other Prophet's documents, in the orations  of the rightly guided Caliphs and in their instructions to leaders and governors of various regions.
  3. Sharia is superior to all man-made laws, as it is distinctive in relation to both comprehensiveness and deepness in establishing human rights; and that it is unique in consecrating many rights and values which the universal declarations and instruments of human rights apparently lack, such as the rights of parents, relatives, neighbors and the ailing as well as the values pertaining to the prohibition of backbiting, mistrust,  etc.
  4. Human rights in Islam are distinctive from man-made laws as they are heavenly laws, and not only temporary beneficial values ; and that such rights embody unique guarantees and unprecedented incentives that establish human rights that are linked to the hereafter reward ,an act that necessitates self-control in the believer's soul who associates his commitment to these values with Allah' love and pleasure .
  5. Islam possesses treasures of pioneering legal systems which are still unknown to many lawyers and media people in the world , for Sharia includes the realization of human purposes and the protection of the five necessities: religion, self, mind, offspring and wealth.
  6. The universal declarations and instruments of human rights  are considered an effort that expresses human thought, which – despite all their positive aspects- suffer from shortage and ordinary human  weakness; and hence they should not be considered controlling values over Allah's legislatures, but on the contrary they should be reviewed and improved  through making compromise between them and other revealed Messages, which were concluded by the seal Islamic Message.
  7. The rights of individuals and organizations in expressing opinion are preserved. Yet, the concept of absolute freedom in Islam must be curtailed by certain Islamic restrictions that prevent infringement on others by libel and defamation as well as safeguard their rights, wealth and freedom against any threat.
  8. The policy of double standard that are often adopted in certain international attitudes while dealing with human rights files  as well as politicization  of human right issue  must be categorically rejected; and that the principle of shameful selectivity  principle  must be strongly denounced; and that violators must be held accountable; and that dividing human components into good and evil must immediately cease ; and that there should be a call for creating equitable mechanisms which guarantee that all people are considered equal before law and various legal sets.
  9. The successive violations of the rights of the Palestinian people, usurping its territories and desecrating its sanctuaries must be strongly denounced; and that the call to the respect of humanitarian international law must be upheld without hesitation;  and that International Organization for Muslim Lawyers, an affiliate of the  Muslim World League,  must be requested to monitor both the injustices committed against the Palestinian people and Zionist violations that are extended to encompass its territories, sanctuaries and all rights; and that appropriate bodies must be requested to apply international conventions with a view to preventing violations, releasing prisoners and safeguarding all rights of the Palestinian people.

Additionally, the Conference has affirmed that the presence of erroneous practices in certain Muslim countries  have - no doubt- weakened the ability of the Muslim Ummah, defamed it and created many focal dispute points among the ranks of Muslims and distorted the concepts and principles pertaining to human rights and dignity.


At the end of the conference, the participants have adopted the following recommendations:


  • To urge Muslims to adhere to their religion and take pride in Sharia that preceded all relevant instruments in establishing human rights; and appeal to international organizations to take advantage of Sharia in safeguarding human rights, especially those of women, children, orphans and laborers.
  • To call on Muslim countries to enact laws that address adequately the issue of human rights violations and ratify relevant international declarations, instruments and conventions, together with making reservation towards any article that violates the specialty of the Muslim Ummah or contracts Sharia, its values and norms.
  • To request the governments of Muslim countries to maintain and apply human rights by enacting relevant rules that vigorously fight  corruption and incriminate its practice as well as seek to eliminate all forms of oppression and injustice and pursue due sustainable development that would ensure prosperity and happiness for everyone.
  • To call upon all Muslim countries that have signed Convention for Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination Against Women “CEDAW”  to demand due amendment  of articles  conflicting with  Sharia.
  • To urge Muslim scholars and organizations to make more concerted efforts in addressing the phenomena of religious militancy and extremism that distort in the minds of non-Muslims human rights in Islam and make them lose their brightness.
  • To invite Muslim countries to implement the resolution of the Islamic Summit conference held in Kuwait in 1978 on the establishment of an Islamic Court of Justice to deal with human rights violations in the Muslim world and seek to safeguard them in a manner that secures security, stability and development.
  • To appeal to legal foundations in the Muslim to highlight the Islamic vision of human rights at conferences, seminars symposia, forums and international arenas ; and stand to anti- Islamic malicious rumors  as well as refute the fallacies ascribed to such rumors regarding human right in Islam. .
  • To encourage Muslims to introduce human rights in Islam to the nations and peoples all over the world as well as project the principles of Islam regarding the honor of man , safeguard of his freedom , rights and equality with other human beings.; and request  Muslim World League to create, in cooperation with other legal Islamic centers and organizations around the world,  a web site for introducing human rights and duties in Islam.
  • To call  on those in charge to promote  human rights apparatus in the Muslim world and train their cadre in a manner that contributes  towards helping them achieve due supervision, documentation and addressing of human rights violations as well as present them to concerned bodies.
  • We urge all influential institutions in the community, particularly the families, masajids, universities, schools and the media to spread the culture of respecting and promoting human rights in the community. 
  • To call on international mass media to exercise due authenticity and objectivity when reporting about human rights in Islam as well as cease distorting the image of Islam and criticizing its values and principles.


  • To appeal to all countries and international legal organizations to respect human diversity, review International conventions and declarations as well as  amend them in a manner that respects specialties, cultures and human instinct of nations, provided that such amendment secures practically man's dignity and rights in a manner that sets foundation for building  balanced humanitarian relations and lay out frameworks  for participation of all in inhabiting the earth and achieving its comprehensive development.
  • To call on all human rights organizations in the world to link human rights with man’s obligations in a manner that achieves due balance, stability and justice in human society.
  • We invite universities and research institutes in the Muslim world to expand their research and studies relating on human rights in Islam as well as arrange to include  in the study program they offer a course on inculcating in the minds of students the legal and human values and that should be taught as a prescribed course as requested above at the general education stages at  schools as well as at  police and military academies.
  • We call on Muslim World League to publish - about human rights in Islam- an all- inclusive book that comprises include Cairo Human Rights Declarations and Arab Human Rights Charter, together with translation into live languages as well as strive to transform this volume into a comprehensive Islamic charter for human rights and which can be conveyed to all legal organizations in the World.
  • To call on  Muslim World League to establish an independent global Islamic institution that deals with human rights and serves as an umbrella organization for relevant organizations in the Muslim world, organizes their efforts and cooperates with them in a manner that secures for them due financial and moral independence .
  • To demand human rights organizations to intensify their programs to counter racism and discrimination that nourish and disseminate hatred among peoples; and arrange to enlighten people on the stance of Islam towards discrimination, sectarianism and partisanship that divide peoples in terms of rights as well as project equality established by Islam among human beings who were created from a single soul as Allah says in Qur’an:{”O mankind! reverence your Guardian-Lord, who created you from a single person”}Qur'an: 5:1 (Sura An-Nisa, verse1).
  • To appeal to mass media to produce media materials that introduce human rights as established in Sharia, elevate their values, elucidate the punishments for violators and encourage the public  to report their occurrence  .
  • To monitor human rights violations and infringements as well as cooperate in this connection with local, regional and international judicial bodies to fill legal loopholes and  preserve as well as  promote achievements.

In conclusion, the participants extended their deepthanks and appreciation to  Custodian of the two Holy Massjids King Abdullah Bin AbdulAziz AlSaud, to HRH Crown Prince Salman Ibn AbdulAziz AlSaud and to HRH Second Deputy Premier Prince Muqrin Ibn AbdulAziz AlSaud, for the support given by the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia to the oppressed Muslim peoples,  for the country's remarkable  effort in lifting injustice inflicted  on such peoples and for  its generous and unwavering assistance to Muslim World League to achieve its objectives and for patronizing its activities.

          Furthermore, they thanked HRH Prince Khalid AlFaisal, Governor of Makkah Region for the kind care he gives to Muslim World League and its guests. They thanked His Eminence Sheikh Abdul Aziz Ibn Abdullah AlAlSheikh, Grand Mufti of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, and President of the Muslim World League’s Supreme Council for his continuous support to the League. They also thanked Muslim World League and its Secretary General, Dr. Abdullah Ibn Abdul Mohsin AlTurki for the sincere efforts made by it in serving Islam and following-up Muslims' affairs .

Issued in Makkah AlMukarramah

  07/12/1434 H – 12/10/2013 AD


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