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Leopold Weiss - Mohammad Assad
    Leopold Weiss- a Jew- was not far in the understanding of Islam from what was in vogue since the beginning of the twentieth century in his native Austria and other European countries. As a result of intellectual writings and mobilization produced by the Crusades against Islam, Muslims have been falsely stereotyped.
    Leopold Weiss studied philosophy and art at the University of Vienna. Later, he switched to the press, and worked as a reporter for the news agency United Telegraph.

Margaret Marcus – Mariam Jamila

It was surprising to a lot of people the spread of Islam among women. Their numbers have exceeded by far that of menin most countries. The whole worldin general is experiencing a steady increase in the number of new adherents of Islam.
People have long questioned the reasons behind the transition made by women. They have moved from the life of fun and embellishment to a restricted and controlled life. Once she becomes a Muslim, a woman must cover herself and stop mixing with men. Now, how could these women embrace Islam while propagandists keep spreading its alleged persecution and the violation of their rights?

Hilal Masiha

In the mid-twentieth century, Isaac Hilal Masiha has been born in Egypt. He has been born to Christian parents who were the cause of deviating the built in instinct that Allah deposited has in the minds of people.This natural sense is the singularity of Allah and his veneration.They have doused the flame of faith in the heart of the newly born babe. The prophet (PBUH) said: “Every child is born on instinct; his parents will make him a Jew, or Christian or Magian.It’s the like of an animal giving birth to another. Do you see any lamb born with severed ear?

Dr. Abdulwahid Omar - Gary Miller

It was not a big surprise that Dr. Gary Miller; a professor of mathematics converts to Islam. However, what’s even more surprising is   that many like him among the nations’ most learned and wise people are still deaf to the call of the true religion chosen for mankind?
    Gary Miller grew up in Canada, in the schools of the Franciscan Catholic sect. He then studied theology at the University of the Jesuits.  Thanks to his intelligence and talents, he became of the active missionaries' advocates of Christianity in churches and television. Later, he got a   doctorate in mathematics from the University of Toronto.

Emily Bramlet
    She is an America girl whom Allah-in His wisdom and knowledge- has promised guidance to the one who seeks it. Sura Al-Imran, verse 73 states this fact: “Say: "True guidance is the Guidance of Allah: (Fear ye) Lest a revelation be sent to someone (else) Like unto that which was sent unto you? or that those (Receiving such revelation) should engage you in argument before your Lord?" Say: "All bounties are in the hand of Allah: He granteth them to whom He pleaseth: And Allah careth for all, and He knoweth all things.”

 Dr. Abdu Abdulmalik Ibrahim
    In the last quarter of the nineteenth-century, Abdu Ibrahim Abdulmalik Malik has been born to Orthodox parents in Cairo.  He grew up in a wealthy family that could educate him at a time where it was so difficult for anyone else to acquire any degree of education.

The Deacon (Mohammad) Fouad Al-Hashimi

It wouldn’t be proper to talk or write about the stories of popular people who reverted to Islam without talking about Dr. Mohammad Fouad Al-Hashimi. This scholar holds the highest academic degrees in the philosophy of religions. He has left behind a very useful legacy to the Islamic library. Such assets were worthy of his academic status before and after Islam. His comes as a true testimony to the words of the Prophet (peace be upon him) who said: “the best of you in Jahiliya is the best of you in Islam, when they are guided”

Deacon Emad Al-Mahdi

Today story is about a friend whom I cherish his friendship.  They wanted him to become a priest, and God wanted him to be a dedicated advocate in the service of Islam. He is Brother Emad Samir Jet, known as Emad al-Mahdi.

Emad has been born in Egypt to an Orthodox religious family. His parents have been keen to make him and his sister «Hiba»permanent featuresof the church. They wanted them to seek refuge within its sanctity under the steamingfog of incense. The (dull confession - communion - hymns and prayers) were conducted in the Coptic language which Emaddid not understand a single word. In any case, he was keen oncoming to the church and attends lessons.He has been driven to attend by the pastor’s small gifts given to him and his peers, which they have enjoyed immensely.

Carmen Sirkisian

    Carmen Sarkisian is an Armenian Christian girl who has been born in Kuwait in 1965 where both her parents worked. She grew up in Kuwait; she would later work as a secretary in the “Kuwait Engineering Projects” company.
     Carmen met a young Muslim man who lives in Kuwait and works in the same company.She has accepted his proposal of marriage without her family’s knowledge. Hence her family has been strongly opposed to her marrying a Muslim.
    The judge - who tied the knot –suggested that she embraces Islam. She accepted the offer without hesitation and professed the faith in his presence. Carmen’s embracing the new faith hasn’t been out of conviction. She has done it because it pleased her groom.  Her decision hasn’t passed unnoticed by her husband who saw it as a social courtesy (a marriage of convenience.) He also felt to be an emotional move of his bride who desires to win his heart and even more his love.

Professor (Abdul-Ahad Dawood) Benjamin David

    Few are those who leave their mark in the fields of science they deal with. For most authors and writers contend themselves to repeat what their predecessors have said.
    Professor Dawood is one of those who have written extensively in the subject of religious argument. No researcher can ignore or overlook his writings.
    You see; Abdul-Ahad Dawood was the former Priest Benjamin David. He has reached the highest academic and theological echelons. He was fluent in both languages of the Bible; Greek and Hebrew. Furthermore, he was well versed in Arabic, Persian and Turkish languages.

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