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Most of the classical religious teachings regarding the month of Ramadan insist on the rules being respected as well as the deep spiritual dimension of this month of fasting, privations, worship and meditation. While thinking about it
more closely, one realises that this month marries apparently contradictory requirements which, nevertheless,
together constitute the universe of faith.

Deacon Fawzi Assissi (Al-Mahdi)
     Fawzi Assissi has been born to Catholic parents who live close to the “Mary Georges," church in the city of Zagazig Egypt.  They were very hopeful that their son Fawzi would become a priest of the Church. The children will be honored to kiss his hand; and adults confess to him.  The priest after all is God’s representative on earth; whose forgiveness and pleasure are sought.

Mary Wildes (Shukran Wahida)
    There are still a lot of people who take a biased stance and attitude against Islam. They claim that this religion derogates woman, deals with her unfairly, and restricts her freedom. However, the language of numbers belies their claim every day. When one sees that the number of women embracing Islam is far superior to that of men.

Befitting farewell to an outgoing another Hijrah year by holding the 16th Makkah Conference has become the hallmark of the Muslim World League. This is in addition to its own participation in and contribution to the organizing of the largest gathering on earth – Hajj, which has become a splendid example of crowd management, which, according to a Hajj guest of the MWL, is a wonder of the world.

Omar (Shiam Gautham)
Shiam Gautham has been born in the sixties of the last century to a Hindu family of ancient lineage. He has been educated in the state of UP, India. His family belonged to the Shudras caste, the second class of the Hindu community based on its position, and the advantages accorded by the Hindu religion.

Noah H. Keller

    Noah H. Keller was born in the United States in 1954, to a devout Catholic family. Nonetheless, despite his religious upbringing, his childhood has seen three frustrations that have cast massive doubt in his heart about Christianity.     He has been shocked by the ritual amendments adopted by the second Synod (1962-1965). New worship formulas have been added as well as allowing the use of various musical instruments in prayers. All of this has been done under the pretext of convenience.

  Alphonse Etienne Dinet- Nasereddine
    It wouldn’t be surprising that Islam has touched the talented and erudite artist and writer of the caliber of Alphonse Etienne Dinet. His magnificent paintings have adorned the halls of European museums and galleries. They testify to his high and delicate taste. He has crowned his fame with embracing Islam and supporting it.

Dr. Wilfred Hoffman-Murad
    The veteran German ambassador in Algeria then Morocco Wilfred Hoffman, is a multi-talented man, He is an expert in nuclear defense, and information director at NATO. He holds a doctorate in law from the University of Munich. On top of that, he is a gifted thinker and prolific writer and a brilliant lecturer.

Mohammad Zaki An-Najjar

    No one has expected Zaki An-Najjar to become Muslim. He has been born to Christian parents in the early second quarter of the twentieth century. He has become a caller to Allah and His true religion. Zaki has been born in the Egyptian province of Tahta. He regularly frequented church since childhood; as a matter of fact, he has progressed in its ranks to become a pastor then a priest.

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